And a new business owner, no one is expecting you to be an internet expert -unless you’re starting an internet company, in which case everyone expects you to be an internetexpert. But the point is, your area of expertise is in your own company, not in the internet. Regardless, as the captain of the ship, you have a certain responsibility to do what is right for your vessel. So when it comes to selecting the bestinternet for your company, you better educate yourself. Otherwise, you will be stuck in a contract with lack luster service that’s liable to slow you down or give out on you altogether. Fortunately for you, this article prepare you for what you should come to expect from business broadband, and it all starts with two simple words – speed and reliability.

Key performance indicator
It should come as no surprise to you that speed is one of the most important performance indicators for business broadband, but do you understand why? It all rolls back to the fact that time is money. Business processes, from big to small, function more efficiently with faster internet. While you are waiting for your slowinternet to download or upload large files, you are doing nothing instead of moving on to your next task. Think about all the time that faster internet can free up. Improving the speed of your businessinternet has the potential to add hours to your week, translating to a more efficient business in the long run.

Sticking with the theme that time is money; let’s move on to the second most important performance indicator for businessinternet: reliability. When you purchase a cell phone, car, or even a beach chair, you expect it to work for as long as you own it. The same applies to business broadband. Seems obvious, but many companies are settling for business broadband that suffers from downtime. In today’s age of businessinternet technology, no company should have to deal with a provider that forces them to experience downtime. Instead of letting those companies lead you to believe that those periods of downtime are normal, you should partner with a company who guarantees nearly 100% uptime.

New Yorkinternet providers like Natural Wireless, for example, guarantees 99.99% of business internet uptime over a yearly period. Which means you won’t have to worry about wasting time and money when the internet goes down. Buying businessinternet is an important decision that could save or cost your company a lot of money. When doing your research, remember that speed and reliability are the top two business internet performance indicators.