A huge dragon loomed inside the clouds from the darkened sky. It’s breath exhaled sparking burning sun rays of fireside into the ominous night. Heaven increased fierce and lightning bolts of flame arrived at out and touched one man after which another, until huge numbers of people were connected helplessly towards the terrifying sight of imminent destruction.

Huge numbers of people appeared to be tortured through the burning power torment that’s forced upon all persons that do not comprehend the truth. Fundamental essentials individuals who refuse to hear the content of Jesus, the Savior of mankind.

Dragon King

Within their blindness, I heard them shout in terrifying pleads for God to let them be. They believed the discomfort of war, famine, and plague, however, they wouldn’t listen. They held to the world values and declined to use the Bible for their lives.

Revelations 12: 7-9, “Then the war started in paradise. Michael and the angels fought against the dragon king, who fought against back together with his angels however the dragon was defeated, and that he and the angels weren’t permitted in which to stay paradise anymore. The large dragon was tossed out-that ancient serpent, named the Demon, or Satan, that fooled the world. He was tossed lower to earth, and all sorts of his angels with him.”

Take heed people, Satan may be the god of the world and the desire would be to sleigh everybody. He would not like them to arrive at God. He does not want the folks to locate their Savior and love a very long time.

Huge numbers of people were touched through the fiery flames of dying. Dying that came by means of pestilence, war, famine, disasters, and evil of all types that destroy all those who are simple-minded and without understanding. Everybody who won’t understand that they’re inside a great existence fight. An existence bet on good versus’ evil.

They would not pay attention to individuals who spoke for them about God and love. They declined to bow their knees to Jesus, the King of a nobleman. They loved their lives a lot they did not require a Savior. All they needed was the effectiveness of men.

Indications of war emerged sounding trumpets that caused everybody to clasp their ears to quiet the deafening noise of fight. The dragon is fierce he scorched our planet with all of the types of discomfort and agony.

Revelations 12: 10-12, “I Then heard a loud voice in paradise saying, ‘Now God’s salvation originates! Now his Deliverer has proven his authority! For the one that was before goodness and accused our siblings night and day continues to be tossed from paradise. Our siblings won the victory over him through the bloodstream from the Lamb by the reality that they announced plus they were willing to stop their lives and die. And thus be happy, you heavens, and all sorts of you living there! But exactly how terrible for that earth and also the ocean! For that Demon originates lower for you, and that he is stuffed with rage, while he recognizes that he’s only some time left.”

Beware! Beware! The dragon as received permission to search lower all individuals who’re stupid simply because they refuse to hear the language of God. Beware! Beware everybody around the globe time is near and also the demons’ teeth are dripping with the human bloodstream.

The folks around the globe loved their lives a lot they unsuccessful to determine the world involved to finish. These were like blind men leading blind men. These were like soldiers which were being slaughtered by an unseen enemy inside a great world war.

Thought 13: 9&10, “Listen, then, for those who have ears! Whoever is supposed to be taken will certainly be taken whomever is supposed to be wiped out through the sword will certainly be wiped out through the sword. This implies endurance and belief for God’s people.”

The demon licked his evil lips because he viewed the folks around the globe start taking proper care of themselves not understanding he was waiting to eat them like lambs going to be slaughtered. Satan viewed and hang traps to lure the folks into committing all types of crime.

Everyone was carrying out building new houses not aware of the impending disasters. These were going backward and forwards to operate gathering money and spending it on their own pleasures. They deemed these were in charge of their lives, they did not need Jesus his or her Savior.

Thought 13: 16&18, “The animal forced everyone, small, great, wealthy and poor, slave and free, to possess a mark put on their right hands or on their own foreheads. Nobody could purchase or sell unless of course he’d this mark, that’s the beast’s name or even the number that means the name.

This implies knowledge. Whoever is intelligent can determine this is the amount of the animal, since the number means your name. Its number is 666.”

I shuttered as each individual voluntarily recognized Satan’s number. They deemed in countries and kingdoms being ruled by governments and societies brought by men. They deemed in man’s capability to rule justly and without hesitation, they clarified the phone call to become counted and picked up within the great inventory of Satan’s method regarding how to take part in the great bet on existence.