The self-drive vehicle can only be a fiction for a person of the 19th century. However, the technology has advanced so rapidly that self-driving vehicles are expected to be common on roads in this century. For a common person and technology lover, it may seem to be a fascinating invention. However, it will bring many broader aspects worldwide.

Self-drive Car - Its Impact on Economic System And Personal Life

First, the auto industry is very large and many businesses are interlinked with this industry. The immediate effect it will have will be unemployment for millions of drivers. Do not think of only car drivers, there are other vehicles including trucks, vans, etc. On the other hand, this technology will create jobs simultaneously for many IT experts. The electronic and IT companies will have a boost in their business. However, the structural movement of employment will show positive signs after a lag of nearly five years when the information will be common about the changes in the demand for labor in the market.

It will affect the employment of the people that are related to the tourism industry. People will use these vehicles to travel to any place they want. Probably they will not need to acquire the services of the guide person. These cars will be devised to obey the traffic laws and movement will be restricted according to law. Therefore, fewer traffic police persons will be required on the roads in the future. Many parents will get free from the restriction of driving their children to and from home. This will expectedly increase the working hour and some housewives might enter the workforce to earn more for their family. Users will have the option to take the driving time as leisure. It will be a blessing for people who usually travel long distances; people do not have to drive for four long hours and get tired. They can sleep during this time or do something productive.

The driverless car seems to be a fascinating idea but its usage can surely make you upset sometimes. If you are a street racer or do not want to remain in control of somebody than this could be the most annoying thing for you. This car will control your movement. You cannot increase the speed when you want and you will be helpless. If you have an emergency and you have to take shortcuts, there is no room for that. If you are getting late from the office, and an ambulance comes, your car will prefer it despite you are also getting late and you may be put down from your job by your boss. So you will be completely controlled by a machine which is somehow not in the nature of human beings. Machines are too facilitate the people. It might be perfect for the disables, schoolchildren and for long distances when driving is hectic. However, if you want to drive freely, this is not the best option.