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Decision making withinside the modern-day technological dispensation is knowledgeable via way of means of statistics-pushed evaluation. Grant writers are similarly turning into endowed with a way to use statistics efficiently to supply triumphing proposals.

Here are a number of the approaches that supply writers use statistics to pitch

Problem definition

Nonprofit companies exist with the number one goal of removing a number of the societal issues that a phase of the network faces. Whereas a simple narrative may be furnished approximately those issues, sensible hassle descriptions are sponsored via way of means of real data approximately the situation. This consists of statistics approximately the features and traits of the goal situation and statistics their quantity of the hassle. Consequently, the hassle definition can entail statistics approximately the importance of the hassle, the purpose of the hassle, and the way the proposed answer can cope with this issue.


After an intensive description of the recognized situation, supply writers need to offer dreams and targets which might be measurable. This workout additionally calls for the right usage of statistics and statistics evaluation tools. The proposed enter and output for the initiative can then be manipulated to offer a projection of the numerous results of the task primarily based totally on the statistics this is available. The projections are important as it permits the willpower of efficiency, viability, and sustainability of the initiative at one-of-a-kind scales or the use of one-of-a-kind measures and indicators. These are treasured records for the funders, and it permits them to recognize the effect of the proposed intervention and the desired inputs.


The budgeting manner is similarly a statistics in-depth manner that calls for accuracy and is without naive assumptions. One of the number one capabilities of an offer highlights the sources wanted for the hit implementation of a task and the conclusion of the task’s targets. Therefore, supply writers need to be cautious lest they offer an over citation or beneath neath citation of the task’s budget. Some of the important statistics implemented via way of means of a supplied author consist of financial statistics that recommendation the charges of materials, the value of wages, the value of gadget amongst different sources primarily based totally at the geographic vicinity in which the initiative may be carried out. This statistics is then implemented withinside the budgeting manner to offer an approximate universal value for the task and the quantity being asked from the funders.


The layout wherein statistics is provided has vast repercussions on how the meant target market will react upon its consumption. Grant writers are privy to this and therefore attempt to simplify statistics withinside a way that appeals to the target market. This is performed thru statistics visualization. Some of the codecs wherein statistics may be provided visually consist of graphs and charts, tabular presentation, and info-pictures which might be laced with a mixture of text, figures, graphs, charts, and pictorials.

Grant writers are more and more counting on statistics to put in writing and pitch supply proposals which might be without unfounded assumptions.

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