On the microblogging website Twitter, there has been a case of the account of several big celebrities being hacked. Not only did many Sylabs accounts get hacked, but scammers also asked social media users to send cryptocurrency bitcoins with the help of the hacked accounts. Hacked accounts grew one after another, and accounts of Apple, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos were hacked by John Biden, Barack Obama, Uber, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, and several bitcoin specialty firms.

In a tweet, the microblogging service said, “We have come to know about a security incident with Twitter accounts.” Twitter said that we are investigating this matter and necessary steps are being taken to fix it. We will keep updating everyone soon. ‘ The Biden campaign told AFP that Twitter immediately locked the hacked accounts and fake tweets from hackers were also immediately deleted.

Try to scam

The Twitter support team said in a tweet, “You may not be able to reset your account password or tweet until the address of this hacking event is detected.” After the accounts were hacked, scammers tweeted that in the next half an hour if a user sends $ 1000 in bitcoins, they will be sent double the price of a cryptocurrency. The founder of the Gemini Cryptocurrency Exchange said, “This is a scam, don’t participate in it.”

Thousands of dollars transferred

a site that monitors cryptocurrencies’ transfer, said that around 12.58 emails sent by bitcoin scammers were sent to addresses and valued at $ 116,000 (about Rs 87.2 lakh). In almost every tweet, scammers wrote that account holders are giving bitcoins to their followers and for this, they have to send bitcoins to the given address. Many tweets also asked users to click on the given link.

According to the information, hundreds of people sent hundreds of millions of dollars to hackers during this hacking. At the same time, Twitter has said that it is investigating this incident and a statement will be released soon.